about quynh uong

create something every (other) day

Hello! My name is Quynh and I'm a multimedia designer based in San Diego, CA. I used to be a multimedia designer based in the Bay Area, but there's a thing called Graduating and Moving Back Home, I guess. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a B.A. in Media Studies and a Certificate of Design Innovation. Since then, I've been designing at iCatch Marketing, where I build brands, websites, and campaigns. #adulthood

Some cool things I've done as an artiste: teach an introductory Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop class to 25+ students, photograph a Twenty One Pilots concert at the Oracle Arena with zero concert photography experience, and present my artwork at the Southeast Asian Creative Gallery and Exhibition.


When I'm not designing or pensively staring into the distance, I'm either updating my Quynh's Kitchen series, making stickers for my Etsy shop, or painting something Sailor Moon related.