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'Organic and Paid'


Social media means a lot of things, but for me, it means creating organic and paid content. This ranges from a fun zodiac-based skincare routine for a boutique beauty brand to a more polished display ad for the University of California, Riverside's Master's of Robotics program.

'The Beauty Custom,' 2021-22
Organic Social

Objective: brand awareness 


'Visit Rainier,' 2023-24
Meta + Google Ads

'Robotics @ UCR,' 2022
Meta, CTV/OTT, TikTok, and Google Ads

Robotics Digital Ads_Transform the Future (300 × 600 px)-comp (2).png
Robotics Digital Ads_Earn an MS in Robotics (300 × 250 px) (1).png
Robotics Digital Ads_Earn a MS in Robotics (728 x 90 px).png

Objective: Raise awareness for new Robotics Master's program and enroll 6 students; exceeded goals by 30% and established funds for a Robotics Bachelor's program.

Objective: 10,000+ room bookings for over 75+ lodging partners in Washington's Lewis County; exceeded goals by 24%.


'UC San Diego Extended Studies,' 2024
Google Ads

Objective: Grow enrollment for UC San Diego's extended studies summer program; ongoing.


'San Diego College of Continuing Education,' 2023
Meta and Google Ads

Objective: Grow enrollment for SDCCE's Career Technical Education Programs by 5%; exceeded industry benchmark goals by 15%.

'Nurse-Family Partnership,' 2022-2023
Meta, TikTok, and Google Ads

Objective: Grow awareness for the non-profit Nurse Family Partnership, which connects first-time mothers with registerned nurses for free. Saw 5-10% lift in enrollments in three key markets: Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York.




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